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LUKE has a dedicated RAS facility constructed in 2015 which serves as a research laboratory for RAS technology and management development. It consists of 10 individual RAS units using state-of-art technologies used also at commercial RAS farms.

Special emphasis has on online water quality measurement system, installed in each of the 10 systems. In addition to more conventional oxygen, carbon dioxide and pH measurement and control by devices, spectrometers measure spectrum over the range of 190-720 nm to allow continuous measurement over a range of relevant parameters for RAS water quality events, such as nitrite, nitrate, total organic carbon and turbidity fluctuations. The probes can also be installed to intense measurement campaigns in few systems, to measure parameters both within the fish husbandry system and at end-of-pipe treatment units and discharge. Access to online data can be given over the Internet to project partners thus allowing continuous discussion over the ongoing trials.


LUKE leads work packages 3 and contributes to work packages 2 and 4.
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Senior Research Scientist Jouni Vielma
Leads work package 3
Contributes to work packages 2 and 4

Research Technician Jani Pulkkinen
Contributes to work package 2 and 3

Tapio Kiuru
17 JANUARY 2022