Methods of CLEANAQ

Stable isotope labeling technique

Stable isotopes of nitrogen have been successfully applied to measure actual denitrification (and other nitrogen transformations processes) in natural and in constructed environments (e.g. waste water treatment plants and constructed wetlands), and stable isotope labeling technique has a lot of potential for studying microbial processes also in the aquaculture settings. 
Using stable isotope method, BONUS CLEANAQ can resolve the final end-product of nitrogen removal process, as other processes (e.g. anammox, unfavorable DNRA) can and do co-exist with denitrification. 

Molecular microbiology tools

Furthermore, molecular microbiology tools (sequencing, Micro-RIP and fluorescence in situ hybridization FISH) will be used to identify which microbes are involved in the denitrification process, as well as their function and spatial distribution.
27 OCTOBER 2021