WP 2: Wood chip denitrification


In work package 2 of BONUS CLEANAQ the applicability of woodchip denitrification in different salinities will be tested in two experimental facilities (DTU Aqua and Natural Resources Institute Finland) and in a full-scale industrial setup (Sybimar). To determine the mechanisms of the microbial processes involved, stable isotope analyses and molecular tools are especially used.


  • Evaluation and optimization of nitrogen removal capacity of the woodchip denitrification in brackish and sea water.
  • Characterization of the microbiology of the woodchip denitrification.
  • Evaluation of the potential and requirements of autotrophic denitrification.
  • Evaluation of the potential to combine recirculation aquaculture with energy production.


  • Efficiency of wood chip denitrification.
  • The composition and function of microbial community.
  • The evaluation of the role of autotrophic denitrification.
  • Testing wood chip systems design.


  • University of Jyväskylä, Finland
  • DTU Aqua, Denmark
  • Natural Resources Institute Finland
  • Sybimar, Finland




WP2 lead

University of Jyväskylä, Finland


Professor Marja Tiirola

17 JANUARY 2022