Expected outcomes of BONUS CLEANAQ

Based on a solid scientific approach, the BONUS CLEANAQ project will provide applicable, novel information and innovative ideas on the optimal design of end-of-pipe operation to end-users which can be utilized by the aquaculture industry already during the project. End-users comprise engineers and constructors within recirculating aquaculture systems and commercial fish farms.

New knowledge will also be disseminated and added to the scholar of the scientific communities through reports and scientific papers.

Expected outcomes

The expected outcomes of BONUS CLEANAQ are:

  • New knowledge and technology options for end-of-pipe treatment - supporting visions of a nutrient-balanced production of healthy food.

  • Experimentally tested estimates of the factors controlling the efficiency of end-of-pipe nutrient removal - needed to process-optimize systems design and operation in end-of-pipe treatment.

  • Comprehensive description on the applicability of the removal methods under different salinity levels – necessary to understand the implication of salinity and the challenges faced now and in the future by Baltic recirculating aquaculture systems.

  • Suggestions on the most cost-efficient end-of-pipe nutrient removal method(s) – to be utilized by designers and constructing companies and farmers. Can be part of coastal planning and policy-making providing possibilities for fish farming even in nutrient sensitive areas.

  • Suggestions on combining recirculating aquaculture systems with energy production (e.g. biogas) – provides possibilities for interactions between green and blue growth, and for eco-innovations supporting socio-economic development of the Baltic Sea area.



31 MARCH 2020