National Institute of Aquatic Resources (DTU Aqua), Denmark

About DTU Aqua

National Institute of Aquatic Resources (DTU Aqua) is an institute at Technical University of Denmark. 



DTU Aqua has very good facilities specifically designed for aquaculture research at the North Sea Science Park in Hirtshals, Denmark. The facilities comprise more than 200 tanks in 20 recirculating aquaculture systems containing fresh or saltwater. Additionally, there are set-ups for specific studies on e.g. waste production, biofiltration, hydrolysis and denitrification also exist, as well as labs for larval rearing, nutritional and physiological studies etc. Well-equipped laboratories accustomed to chemical water analysis and water quality assessment are also operated at the site.
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Roles in CLEANAQ

DTU Aqua is the overall coordinator of the CLEANAQ project. Furthermore, the Institute leads work packages 1 and 4 and contributes to work packages 2 and 3.
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People in CLEANAQ

Head of Section
Per Bovbjerg Pedersen

Coordinator of CLEANAQ
Leads work packages 1 and 4
Contributes to work packages 2 and 3

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Carlos Octavio Letelier-Gordo

Carlos Octavio Letelier-Gordo

Contributes to work packages 1 and 4

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Lars-Flemming Pedersen

Senior Researcher
Lars-Flemming Pedersen

Contributes to work package 3

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Mathis von Ahnen

Mathis von Ahnen

Contributes to work package 2

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Per Bovbjerg Pedersen
Ph. 35 88 32 56
Mobile 21 31 47 80
20 OCTOBER 2019